Office network security management success story

An independent, 100% digital neobank for Australians with an aim to reduce banking costs.

The Client

As a burgeoning start-up, the client offers an alternative to traditional banking, allowing customers to manage their spending & savings exclusively on a mobile phone.

With an aim to bring down banking costs, the client promises tech-savvy Australians higher interest rates and a more personalised user experience.

An unreliable and unsecured office network was dramatically slowing down the growth of the client’s company.

Their Problem

The client was in dire need of a reliable office network without frequent dropouts or slowness, to secure their growth. As a digital-only banking service, the company was also struggling to comply with the rigorous security governance requirements of financial institutions.

While the banking industry faces its most tumultuous time in history, the client knew they required a robust yet nimble internal IT system to maintain their competitive position at the forefront of the online banking revolution.

With customers becoming increasingly reliant on new technologies to help streamline their lives, the importance of employing cutting-edge stringent security management and a dependable, stable office network their staff and customers could rely on was imperative.

The client’s user base has tripled since Cloud Native designed and implemented a stable and secured network that provides unified security management.

Our Solution

Since Cloud Native successfully designed and implemented a stable, secure office network with unified security management, the client’s user base has tripled. Cutting-edge security was used to make the company’s office environment as secure as possible with user-based access rules and antivirus filtering in and out of the office.

As well as providing onsite security, we worked closely with the client’s team to extend the security to the Cloud by integrating with other SaaS security products.

Cloud Native deployed Fortinet Security devices to deliver a security fabric to harden our client’s network for current and future compliance requirements. The Fortinet Security Fabric segments the entire network—from BYOD clients, desktops and the cloud—to provide superior protection against sophisticated threats.

To meet the stringent requirements of a financial institution, security is required at all layer of the network, Fortinet offers a complete security solution to deliver a secured and reliable network to cater for future needs.

Through the Fortinet Security Fabric we were able to provide our client:

  • Next-Gen Firewall with Antivirus and Malware filtering
  • Granular security policy
  • Single pane of glass Security management across all devices
  • Automated detection and response to threats
  • Automated Security Audit
  • Dashboard for real time threat management
  • VPN and SD-WAN capable
  • Okta integration

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